Blaue Traube:
nocturnal delights.

As of March 2023, Die blaue Traube will open its doors for dinner only. Exceptions may be made for large groups and events at lunchtime. Contact us.

Tired hands and minds don’t make for good food. That’s why we rest on Sundays and Mondays, taking the time to discover and delight in the tasty morsels and delicious wines of our colleagues. 

And as we’re changing things up, why stop here? From this moment onwards, there will be only one menu at the Blaue Traube. Diners will experience a different menu nearly every day, and the €139 per person include an aperitif, and a nightcap. We waste none of our ingredients, meat, fish, or plant may they be, and adapt our menu to the seasons and hunting seasons.

Book in advance. We expect diners to arrive at 19:15 on the dot.

Life is for the living, so why not live a little? A daily feast. Our chefs will prepare the bread, mix drinks, serve fancy crisps, put records on and, why not, even dance a bit.

You may be wondering why we’ve changed. We want to do justice to our staff’s growing challenges and demands. In our line of work, working at lunch and dinner under incredible pressure doesn’t make for appealing working hours. So why not join us? We always appreciate spontaneous applications.